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Java is an object-oriented language that allows learners to make real-world applications. Java technology based mostly software package works almost everywhere - from the tiniest devices to super computers!

Diplomo Embedded Project List 2015-2016

SNO           Projects List ABSTRACT
1 A portable fall detection and alerting system based on k-nn algorithm and remote medicine
2 Implementing intelligent traffic control system for congestion control, ambulance clearance, and stolen vehicle detection
3 Rfid-based system for school children transportation safety enhancement
4 wi-fi based a reconfigurable smart sensor interface for industrial monitoring
5 Design and development of electronic mobility aids for persons with visual impairments
7 A proposal on peltier device for medical implantable applications
8 A Memristive Multilayer Cellular Neural Network With Applications to Image Processing
9 A hybrid approach for efficient modeling of wireless safety systems in coal mines
10 Feasibility of air quality monitoring systems based on energy harvesting for urban
11 Android phone controlled voice, gesture operated smart wheelchair
12 Automatic detection and notification of potholes and humps on roads to aid drivers
13 Smart sensor scheduling for multiple target tracking for border surveillance
14 Cost Efficient Design of Fault Tolerant Geo-Distributed Data Centers
15 Bus detection system for blind people using rfid
16 a novel approach for communication among deaf and dumb people
17 Advanced hybrid systems for vehicle start and safety
18 Design and implementation of water environment monitoring system using gsm technology
19 Detection of Superpoints Using a Vector Bloom Filter
20 A Distributed Three-Hop Routing Protocol to Increase the Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks
21 Mechatronic design solution for unmanned gasoline injector and monitoring

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