Dotnet Mini Projects in Chennai


Here 2021- 2022 Dotnet Projects Topics Listed. You Can Find It and Get a Best Topics Ideas to Design a Projects. Our Projects Lists Are Very Easy to Understand and Its Very Easy to Explain to Others.

We Provides the Best Ideas for Students to Design a Projects and Give a Best Projects for Students in Low Cost. We Have Done This Work For 10 years Place in Chennai. Many Number of Students Come to Our Center and Make Their Projects Ideas as Possible.

Here We uploading Some IEEE Dotnet Mini Projects List for You. That is Will Helps to Your Studies.

Dotnet Projects Are Designed By Our Team Using Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Network Security, Data Mining, Big Data, Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, Secure Computing, VLSI, Embedded System, Robotics And So on.


SNO           Projects List
1 A smartphone image processing application for plant disease diagnosis
2 Contrast Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition
3 Features Classification Forest: A Novel Development that is Adaptable to Robust Blind Watermarking Techniques
4 Comments on Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
5 Image Forgery Localization via Integrating Tampering Possibility Maps
7 Deep Representation-Based Feature Extraction and Recovering for Finger-Vein Verification
8 A Memristive Multilayer Cellular Neural Network With Applications to Image Processing
9 A survey on brain tumor detection using image processing techniques
10 Retinal Disease Screening Through Local Binary Patterns
11 CHARM: A Cost-Efficient Multi-Cloud Data Hosting Scheme with High Availability
12 Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories
13 Data Security Framework for Secure Cloud Computing
14 Cost Efficient Design of Fault Tolerant Geo-Distributed Data Centers
15 Secure and Efficient Cloud Data Deduplication With Randomized Tag
16 Rating prediction using review texts with underlying sentiments
17 Efficiently Promoting Product Online Outcome: An Iterative Rating Attack Utilizing Product and Market Property
18 Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Key-Exposure Resistance
19 Detection of Superpoints Using a Vector Bloom Filter
20 A Distributed Three-Hop Routing Protocol to Increase the Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks
21 User-Defined Privacy Grid System for Continuous Location-Based Services
22 Dynamic Routing for Data Integrity and Delay Differentiated Services in Wireless Sensor Networks
23 Friend book: A Semantic-based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks
24 A Case Based Recommendation Approach for Market Basket Data
25 Secure and dynamic multi keyword ranked search over encrypted data
26 A Proximity-Aware Interest-Clustered P2P File Sharing System
27 A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
28 A Stochastic Model to Investigate Data Center Performance and QoS in IaaS Cloud Computing Systems
29 A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
30 A Social Compute Cloud Allocating and Sharing Infrastructure Resources via Social Networks
31 A Time Efficient Approach for Detecting Errors in Big Sensor Data on Cloud