C Programming Training in Chennai

C Programming Training in Chennai


Introduction to Programming

  • C Overview
  • History of C, Features of C
  • Features of C


Fundamentals in C

  • Number systems
  • Constants
  • Format specifiers Identifier
  • Identifier


Data types and Input-Output

  • Modifiers
  • Dealing with each data type
  • Single Character Input-Output
  • String Input-Output


Control statements

  • Conditional Control Statements
  • Multiple Branching Control Statement
  • Loop Control Statements



  • One dimensional array
  • Two dimensional arrays
  • Pointer to an array



  • De-referencing Pointer Variables
  • Pointer to Pointer
  • Const pointer to const data



  • Strings versus character arrays
  • Reading string
  • Two-dimensional character arrays


File Handling

  • Using files in C
  • File operations using std. library and system calls
  • File management I/O functions