MVC Training in Chennai

MVC Training in Chennai


Introduction to the .NET Frame Work

  • NET Framework.
  • History of MVC
  • Versions Of .NET


Introduction (MVC Basics)

  • Controller, View, Model
  • S Action Methods
  • MVC Architecture


The MVC Pattern Using Object and Collection Initializes

  • Automatically Implemented Properties
  • Domain models and Repositories


Framework & Lambda Expressions

  • Working with Controllers
  • Template View Helpers
  • Client-side & Server-side Controls
  • Explicitly Validating a Model


Displaying Validation Messages

  • Introducing Web Forms, the Worker process
  • Working with Server Controls
  • Applying Styles to Controls, Themes, Skins, etc



  • Try, catch, finally block
  • Multiple Catch Block, Nested try
  • Applying Styles to Controls, Themes, Skins


Intrinsic – Validation – Bound – DataSource

  • Navigation – Login – Web Parts & AJAX.-as building blocks.
  • Validating Form with Validation Controls of MVC
  • Using Required Field Validator control


Using Compare Validator Control

  • Create Server-side / Client-side functions
  • Group Validations & avoiding Validations and Bindings
  • Finally – Client Targets & Validation Summary control


Services WPF

  • Creating User Controls
  • Registering User Controls
  • New Configuration Model, MVC Confn Tool