Matlab Training in Chennai

Matlab Training in Chennai


Introduction (History Of Hardware and Networking)

  • MatLabOverview
  • History of MatLab, Features of MatLab
  • Features of MatLab


Formulas and functions

  • MATLAB toolboxes
  • Standard Matlab windows,
  • Vectors and matrices in MATLAB


MatLab Algorithms

  • Algorithms and structures,
  • Reading and writing data, Personalized functions,
  • Personalized functions,
  • MATLAB graphic functions,


Operations with variables

  • Arrays, Writing script files,
  • Matlab files, Text files,



  • Creating and Simulating a Model
  • Create a simple Simulink model,
  • Explore the Simulink environment interface


T Comparisons and decision statements

  • Zero crossings
  • MATLAB Function block


Basics of Servlet

  • Create a model of a PI controller
  • Model discrete transfer functions
  • Modeling Continuous Systems


Solver behavior

  • ServletRequest methods
  • Modeling Conditionally Executed Algorithms
  • Enabled subsystems