Loadrunner Training in Chennai

Loadrunner Training in Chennai


Introduction (Loadrunner) Loadrunner Overview

  • Introduction (Loadrunner) Loadrunner Overview
  • History of Loadrunner
  • Features of Loadrunner


Introduction to VUSER Concept

  • Definition of Vuser
  • Why VUGEN is Used
  • Features of VUGEN


Streamlining Recording

  • Settings to be done before recording
  • Modes of recording
  • Loadrunner Do While Loop and Interview Tasks
  • Choosing the right protocol
  • Types of protocol LoadRunner supports


Recording Script using VUGEN

  • VUSER Script sections (Init, Action and end)
  • Creating New Virtual VUSER script
  • Understanding the functions generated


Understanding the VUSER script

  • Viewing and modifying VUSER scripts
  • Understanding the functions generated
  • Getting Help on functions


VUGEN parameters

  • Definition of parameter
  • Why parameterization is required
  • Parameters Limitations


Running scenarios

  • Controlling Vuser groups
  • Controlling individual Vusers
  • Manually adding Vuser to the running scenario


Monitoring Vuser status

  • Viewing the output window, Logging execution notes


Online Monitoring

  • About Online Monitoring
  • Setting up the Monitoring environment
  • Monitor types