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  • Real Time is the best BE project center in ChennaiReal Time Project Center offers IEEE 2019 Final Year Projects for CSE / IT Students in Java/dot net/android/oracle and Application Projects in PHP Platform. And also provide mini projects in btech, vb,,, MSc, iot, Arduino, Matlab, embedded, vlsi, ns2. Real time BE Projects and Research Projects are doomed to take action as a connection between academic learning and handy execution. Working in an BE engineering final year Project gives the much-needed hands-on knowledge, judges your eligibility to document and present, and an opportunity to work in a group just similar to how it happens at Corporate. It should hand out as a stepping stone before one embarks on a corporate line of business. But miserably that is not how it works nowadays. Projects are considered just as a procedure before getting the Degree Certificate in college. We at Real Time Project Center are determined to formulate a change. We are confident you would be thankful for this change. Final Year Projects is our latest contribution which would bring about this transform. We provide bulk projects for many projects institute at low cost in our project centers. Bulk projects are delivered through team viewers.
  • Real Time Project Center is the No : 1 Best BE Project Centers in Chennai.  We provide100% Guaranteed Project output. Real time project center offers CSE, ECE and EEE  projects for engineering final year students as well as beginners in Chennai. We also provide special training sessions and programmes handled by our experts on Java, Python, Android, Big data, Machine learning, etc. in Chennai for BE, ME, Btech, Mtech, BCA, MCA, CSE, ECE, etc for students with source code.

  • Real Time Project is the best IEEE Projects Development Centers in Chennai. We are offering 2019 -2020 IEEE Final Year projects for Engineering students in Java, Dotnet, NS2, Embedded System, Android, Robotics, and IOT technologies

  • Real time project centers is the one of the best final year college project centers in Chennai provides best in class career oriented & real time Final year projects in Chennai, for students pursuing B.E, B.Tech, M.E,, MCA, Bsc & Msc. We are one of the best IEEE project Centers  in chennai to yield the finest final year projects for engineering students, final year students as well as beginners in Chennai.

  • Chance to work in Real Time Live Project – Being a technology services organization.
  • Real time project center is one of the best final year projects center for final year students, engineering students as well as beginners in Chennai. We offer students final year projects with accuracy and efficiency in Chennai. Students pursuing ME, MTech, BE, BTech, MSc, MCA, MS, MBA, BSC, BCA, Mini, Phd students can receive the final year projects through our professionals.

  • We have a sizeable clientele and a huge number of Live & Real Time Projects. You could have a chance to work in one of them.

  • Timely completion of Project.Learning the related technology in depth – You will not only learn about the project but will also learn the associated technology in depth.
  • Real time project centers offers projects for engineering students, final year students as well as beginners in Chennai. We are the best student project center in chennai to deliver the finest projects on Java, Applications, big data, machine learning, wireless communication, secure computing, cloud computing, python, matlab, IEEE etc…
  • Real Time BE Project Centers come absolutely targeted on IEEE BCA Projects and BE projects in Chennai. All real time projects involve domains like Java, Dot Net, NS2, etc for all BCA students and BE students in Chennai.  We offer the best service for all arts students and engineering students.

  • Project skill Certificate – All our project trainees would be given Industry acknowledged certificate.
  • Real time project center is recognized as the best project center in Chennai that offers real time projects, IEEE projects, Btech, BE, ME, Mtech, BCA, MCA, etc projects for engineering students, final year students as well as beginners in Chennai. We are the best project center to deliver your projects accurately and flawlessly for your bright future. 

  • Placement Training – which includes Aptitude guidance, Mock Interviews, and Soft Skills guidance, Our trainees have received the Best Project Award from their respective Colleges year after year. Our role doesn’t begin and end with the project. We believe in coaching our trainees to become Industry ready. So Why wait? Walk into our office today to get to know us better!

  • Looking for the best IEEE, PHD, and Research Student to complete your project? Then start your final year projects with Real time project center with innovative college projects. It has been started to absorb the challenges all over the world of IT development. It has been set up with the own concept of developing software merchandise and pleasurable our customers to the peak. We cost our student’s expectations and work towards the satisfaction of our students. We do live and also mini projects in CSE, ECE, and EEE departments with the following language







Raspberry Pi








VB. Net


  • Besides, we provide services for BE, BTECH, ME, MTECH, BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, MS, MBA students in ChennaiReal time project center specializes in offering application assignments also. We are currently trending for providing bulk projects in the academic field.

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional agency that aims to strengthen technological innovation and excellence. The IEEE publishes nearly one-third of the technical literature within the world every year in regions that include electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics engineering. Many such publications are related to safety issues in these fields. Real Time Project centre offers CSE,IT,ECE and EEE projects for engineering and arts students like BSC,MSC,BCA,MCA,BE,BTECH,ME,MTECH,MS and MBA students Chennai. Moreover, this center offers projects for PhD and research students also.

  • Especially in CSE is the Computer Science and Software Engineering. Overview of computer technology, with modules focusing on software engineering. Software engineering deals with the transformation of information into programs and tactics carried out on a pc gadget. The application of software programs is extraordinarily varied, ranging from simple processing of well-defined statistics to complex computations and manipulating commercial manufacturing lines. At Real time project center in Chennai, they serve Software programs CSE Projects in Java, dotnet,ns2,ns3,vb,, asp languages.

  • Besides, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is both of hardware and software field. Communication using electronic media is called electronic conversation. Such communication allows transmission of messages or records using computer structures, fax gadgets, E-mail, cell phones or video conferencing, and satellite networks. At here provides all Hardware and Software Projects for final year ECE students. We are offering the best ECE mini and major projects and research projects in Embedded, Matlab, Vlsi, Robotics, and IOT for all college students.
  • Real time project centres deliver the best research projects for Phd, MPhil students and researchers in Chennai at an affordable cost. One of the best PHD Project centres in chennai for final year students and researchers in Chennai. We provide the finest training and programmes for students at affordable cost. We are regarded as the best project centre and training institute in Chennai for PHD and research projects.

  • In additionally Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) content includes the basics of electrical engineering and an exhaustive treatment on electrical machines, electrical networks, electric energy structures, strength generation, transmission and distribution, laptop aided stability and cargo go with the flow analysis. EEE also gives a full-size exposure to analog & virtual electronics, power electronics and computer devices and applications. Real Time Project centre provides Matlab, Power Electronics, BioMedical Engineering, research and Wireless Sensor Networks projects in Chennai for ECE students. Highlights of our centers are live project development, conceptual and real time based training, and guaranteed interviews. 

  •  A mini project is a project which you try to finish at the End of every semester, particularly in engineering to strengthen the knowledge of your basics through the powerful application of theoretical ideas. Mini projects will help students to increase their capabilities and widen the horizon of their thoughts. So real-time project center provides college mini projects also in the following domains like Arduino, Matlab, Matlab, Iot, Embedded, NS2, Vlsi, vb, vb, net, asp, and all application projects for MSC, MCA, BE, BTECH students in Chennai.


Unlock boundless creativity with 1 Crore Projects! Your ultimate destination for BE projects in Chennai that blend innovation and expertise seamlessly. Elevate your learning experience with our top-notch guidance.

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