VLSI Training in Chennai

VLSI Training in Chennai


Introduction (History Of VLSI)

  • VLSI Overview
  • History of VLSI
  • Features of VLSI


HTML syntax, tags and basic attributes Digital Design & Processor Design

  • Advanced digital design,
  • State machine Design



  • NMOS/PMOS/CMOS Technologies
  • Expression tag
  • Characterization of CMOS Circuits


Parasitic Extraction and Calculations

  • out, request, response
  • Design Exercise using CMOS
  • Different Methodologies for IC Design


VHDL Overview and Concepts

  • Levels of Abstraction, Entity, Architecture
  • Data Types and declaration,
  • Operators



  • Logical, Bit-wise shift Operators
  • Behavioral Modeling, Procedural Statements


Sequential Statement

  • SProcess Statement, Concurrent Statements
  • If-then-else, Case,
  • Arrays, Memory Modeling,