Web Design Training in Chennai

Web Design Training in Chennai


Introduction (History Of PHP)

  • PHP Overview
  • History of PHP
  • Features of PHP


HTML syntax, tags and basic attributes

  • BFormatting text with HTML
  • Adding internal links with named anchor tag
  • Div and Span, Creating Forms


Introduction to CSS

  • Syntax and type of selectors
  • Combination of descendant selectors
  • PHP Do While Loop and Interview Tasks
  • Declaration tag3



  • Introduction of Javascript
  • Statements, Comments, Popup Boxes
  • Alert, Conditional statements, Loopings


Jquery & Ajax

  • Introduction Of JQuery, JQuery Effects
  • Ajax Synchronous / Asynchronous
  • Advantages of Ajax



  • Databases, Data Types, Tables
  • Adding data, Modifying data, Removing data
  • Searching data, Tools for Import/Export



  • HTTP Server
  • software bundles
  • PHP, Echo and print function


Break and continue statement

  • Function with arguments, returning a value,
  • include_once, require, require_once functions
  • $_Get, POST and $_REQUEST variable,