Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai


Introduction (History Of Selenium)

  • Selenium Overview
  • History of Selenium
  • Features of Selenium
  • JDK, JRE and JVM


Introduction (JSP)

  • Basics of JSP
  • JSP API, the Life cycle of JSP
  • JSP in Eclipse and other IDE


Scripting elements

  • Scriptlet tag
  • Expression tag
  • Selenium Do While Loop and Interview Tasks
  • Declaration tag


9 Implicit Objects

  • out, request, response
  • config, application, session
  • pageContext, page, exception


Directive Elements

  • Page directive
  • Include directive
  • Taglib directive


Action Elements

  • Jsp:forward, JSP:include
  • Jsp:useBean, Bean class
  • Jsp:SetProperty & Jsp:getProperty


Basics of Servlet

  • Servlet: What and Why?
  • Basics of Web, Servlet API, Servlet Interface
  • GenericServlet, HttpServlet, Servlet Life Cycle


ServletRequest methods

  • Servlet Collaboration,ServletConfig,RequestDispatcher


Session Tracking

  • Cookies, Hidden Form Field
  • URL Rewriting, HttpSession
  • Project Development