Arduino Training in Chennai

Arduino Training in Chennai


Basics of Arduino

  • Arduino Overview
  • History of Arduino
  • What is API level


Introduction to Software and Toolchain

  • Software installation, Starting with Arduino IDE,
  • Programming basics of Arduino, Configuring I/O, and controlling I/O
  • Led control with button, Segment interfacing, Introduction to 7segment



  • Introduction to multiplexing, Led multiplexing
  • LCD programming with Arduino, Scrolling message Display
  • DC motor interfacing with Arduino


Introduction to DC motor

  • DC Motor Driver L293D
  • DC Motor Programming
  • Stepper motor interfacing with Arduino


Introduction to the stepper motor

  • Stepper motor driver ULN2803
  • Basic Programming stepper motor
  • Interfacing Programming stepper motor


Servo motor interfacing

  • Introduction to the servo motor
  • Servo motor interfacing
  • Servo motor programming



  • Introduction to ADC, ADC programming
  • Voltmeter sensor using ADC
  • Temperature sensor using ADC


Serial Communication

  • Introduction to UART
  • Programming UART, PC based LCD e-notice board
  • PC based controlled robot