Java Mini Projects in Chennai


Java is an object-oriented language that allows learners to make real-world applications. Java technology based mostly software package works almost everywhere – from the tiniest devices to supercomputers!


SNO           Projects List
1 Resort Management System
2 Consumer Complaint Management System
3 Secure File Monitoring or Intrusion Detection System
4 student intimation system
5 E Blogs (Electronic Blogs)
7 Fertilizer Management System
8 EB Billing management system
9 Transportation management system
10 Book Management System
11 Cab service management system
12 Online Job Portal
13 Online Banking
14 ATM Database System
15 Pharmacy Management System
16 Advance Library management system
17 Hotel Order Management System
18 Resume Builder Software
19 Passport Management System
20 Online Job Portal Seeking
21 blood bank management system
22 Passport Application Management System (PAMS)
23 Online Employee Leave Management System
24 Corporate Hospital Heath Card
25 Patients Health Care System
26 Attendance Management system in Java
27 Airport Authority Administration System
28 Counselling Management System
29 Global Matrimonial
30 Gram Panchayat Management System(GPMS)
31 Doctor Patient Tracker System
32 Result Analysis for College Students in Java
33 Online Book Store Management Project
34 Student Staff Feedback System Project
35 Online Organ Donation Management System
36 Bill Payment Management System
37 Child Safety and Care Projects in Java
38 Public Health Emergency Response Guide – 108
39 Company Mail Project in Java
40 Cargo Management System in Java