QTP Training in Chennai

QTP Training in Chennai

Welcome to Real Time Project Center in Chennai, your trusted destination for high-quality QTP (Quick Test Professional) training. As technology continues to advance, the demand for skilled professionals in software testing and automation is on the rise. Our training center is dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the world of software testing.

QTP, now known as Micro Focus UFT (Unified Functional Testing), is a powerful tool used for test automation in software applications. It simplifies the testing process, enhances test efficiency, and reduces manual efforts. In today’s competitive job market, having QTP skills can significantly boost your career prospects. Our QTP training program is designed to make you proficient in using this tool effectively.

At Real Time Project Center, we offer a comprehensive QTP training program that covers a wide range of topics, from the basics to advanced concepts. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on guidance and real-world examples to ensure you understand the intricacies of QTP. You’ll gain practical experience in test automation, scripting, and test case development.

QTP Training Center

We DLK Career Development Center gives preparing in QTP for beginners and experienced individuals. For the most part Quick Test Professional is utilized for User Interface experiment Robotization and furthermore, it can likewise mechanize on non-UI experiments which incorporate testing for web administrations, information base and framework tasks.

QTP Training for Beginners

We in DLK Career Development Center, offers trainings to the beginners. The course reacts to the utilitarian requirements of working experts through quality administration schooling without intruding on their expert responsibilities, as it is planned on an adaptable foundation of conveyance. Our resources train you to play out a robotized practical testing flawlessly, without observing, when script improvement is finished.

QTP Training Institute

We DLK Career Development Center, trains you in QTP program on “Utilitarian test computerization with QTP” joining rudiments of mechanization testing, acquainting with QTP test measure, arranging, creation and execution of test scripts, utilizing QTP through VB Scripting, Test Robotization structures and so on, In Experts, client can add or alter the coding part utilizing Visual fundamental Script and change of test contents can be adjusted through Keyword see.

QTP On Line / Off line training

We in DLK Career Development Center, offer you training in On line/Off line too. Through off line, we have planned on an adaptable, blended mode stage that joins the advantages of study in hall collaboration with the span of innovation through the projector based classrooms. Through Online, we train in Zoom Meet, Google meet and Team Viewer.

QTP Course Fees

We DLK Career Development Center, offer you QTP course in an exceptionally insignificant reasonable expense, as everybody can concentrate on this course

QTP Certificate & QTP Placement

After your effective culmination of your QTP course in DLK Career Development centre, we issue an authentication, which will an accumulate in your resume. We help you in arrangements in MNC’s and a portion of the IT organizations which we have tie-ups.


  • Introduction (QTP) QTP Overview
  • History of QTP
  • Features of QTP


Framework in QTP

  • Types of Framework
  • Structured Scripting
  • Linear Scripting
  • Modular Driven


Object Repository

  • QTP Classes and Objects
  • Details of OR
  • QTP Do While Loop and Interview Tasks
  • Configuring Object identification


9 Implicit Objects

  • out, request, response
  • config, application, session
  • pageContext, page, exception


 Recording Modes

  • What is Recording Modes
  • G Types of Recording Modes
  • Normal Recording Mode
  • Low Level Recording Mode



  • What is Checkpoint
  • Why Checkpoint is needed
  • Inserting Checkpoints



  • Why Parameterization is needed
  • Types of Parameterization
  • Environment Number Parameterization



  • When Debugging is used


Descriptive Programming

  • What is Descriptive Programming
  • Working with DP Object
  • Working with Object Collection
  • VB Scripting

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Trainer Profile

  • Our trainers are well versed in technical wise and they are knowledgeable in their professions
  • Our trainers will explain the students in a very easy method, such a way the students will understand easily.
  • Our trainers will put their maximum effort in explaining the students .
  • Our trainers have well experienced and put their full effort in explaining during the discussion with the students
  • Our trainers will give attention individually to all the student by one on one, until the student get well versed in it.

Our Quality

Modes of Delivery

Online Training

Instructor Led Live online training

Classroom Training

Instructor Led classroom training

One to One Training

Customized and Exclusive training based on your requirement.

Team/Corporate Training

Customized Corporate Training

Get unique 1-on-1 Java Training from the experts on the most advanced and in-demand Java Programming

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

The trainers are very professionals and friendly. Our trainers are passionate for training the students and well versed with concepts of modules and the students doubts will be also cleared in a good manner

Live Project

We offer world class teaching and top-notch training to help you discover and groom the technical ability in you. We provide best-in-class infrastructure, online resources, and exposure to you in this world of IT.


When we Certify a Professional , he knows exactly how to deliver a successful project. So get certified, showcase your skills and share your knowledge. Earning certification helps you as an IT professional establish credibility with both your employer and the greater IT industry.

Affordable Fees

Our fees is very normal and affordable to all the students in all their criteria.


Our Training classes offers flexible training options including Class room and online /off line training for your learning needs. Choose what to learn, and when and how to learn it. With our trainers or accredited instructors in a hands-on learning environment.

Placement Support

In placement, we support you in all the ways by giving you well training in your prescribed domain in which will you be able to handle by your own and well versed.

Course Training Highlights

  •  Course Timing- All days Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
  •  Training hours – 48 to 60 hours
  • Course – Training in Software installation
  • Hardware – We make hardware, and show how is it working.
  • Course Documentation, with PPT or PDF, and project report.
  •  Certificate – After Successful completion of the training, certification will be done by us.

Course Training Material

  • We take one to one responsibility to every student.
  • Study Materials will be given
  •  Programming code – issued
  •  Guidelines in Technology – will be explained well.

Course Certificate

  •  After completion of the training, successfully, the student will be issued a course completion certificate.

Who can attend this programme?

  •  College students from 1st year to 4th year
  •  Fresh pass-out students
  •  Peoples who are searching good jobs

Who can attend this programme?

  •  College students from 1st year to 4th year
  •  Fresh pass-out students
  •  Peoples who are searching good jobs

Outcome of this training  programme

  • Will be a well-trained Programmer before graduation
  • Will be a well-trained Programmer before graduation
  • Acceptance of work in all their fields
  •  To develop good attitude, speedy in their work
  •  Will get good placements in MNC’s

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