Android Training in Chennai

Android Training in Chennai


Basics of Android

  • Android Overview
  • History of Android
  • What is API level


Installing Softwares

  • Setup Eclipse, Hello Android example, Internal Details
  • Dalvik VM, Software Stack, Android Core Building Blocks
  • Android Emulator, AndroidManifest.xml


UI Widgets

  • Working with Button, Toast, Custom Toast, RatingBar
  • Button, Toggle Button, Switch Button, AutoCompleteTextView
  • Image Button, CheckBox, AlertDialog, Spinner


Analog Clock and Digital Clock

  • Working with hardware Button
  • File Download
  • Fragment Lifecycle, Fragment Example, Dynamic Fragment


Activity, Intent & Fragment

  • Activity Lifecycle, Activity Example, Implicit Intent, Explicit Intent
  • Android Menu
  • An Options Menu, Context Menu, Popup Menu


Layout Manager

  • Relative Layout, Linear Layout
  • Grid Layout, Table Layout
  • Array Adaptor, ArrayList Adaptor, Base Adaptor



  • GridView
  • WebView
  • ScrollView, SearchView



  • TabHost
  • Dynamic List View
  • Expanded List View