Robotics Workshop in Chennai

Robotics Workshop in Chennai

REAL TIME PROJECT CENTER in Chennai is a renowned hub for cutting-edge technology enthusiasts and aspiring engineers. With a strong commitment to fostering innovation and technological advancement, this company has become a leading name in the city’s educational and practical training landscape. They specialize in hosting a range of workshops, and one of their most anticipated events is the Robotics Workshop in Chennai. The Robotics Workshop at REAL TIME PROJECT CENTER is a dynamic platform that caters to both beginners and seasoned robotics enthusiasts. Participants can expect a hands-on experience where they delve into the fascinating world of robotics, from understanding the basics to mastering advanced concepts. The workshops are conducted by experienced instructors who provide valuable insights, ensuring that attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of robotics.

At the Robotics Workshop in Chennai, participants can expect a meticulously designed curriculum that covers various aspects of robotics. Topics include robot design, programming, sensors, and control systems. Whether you are a student looking to expand your skill set or a professional seeking to enhance your expertise, this workshop offers a tailored learning experience for everyone.

REAL TIME PROJECT CENTER boasts state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest robotics tools and technologies. Participants have access to cutting-edge hardware and software resources, creating an ideal environment for hands-on experimentation and learning. The company’s commitment to providing the best resources ensures that attendees can work on real-time projects and gain practical insights into the world of robotics.


Introduction To Extensive Field Of ROBOTICS

  • Overview of Robotics
  • Application Of Robotics: Industrial, Medical, Entertainment
  • Introduction To Manual Robotics


Different Types Of Manual Robots

  • Motor Principle Explanation
  • DPDT Connections Demystified


Gear Assembly And Calculations

  • Controlling Motors Using DPDT
  • Concept Of Different Types Of Competitions, Events Practical
  • Manual Robotics Practical Session


Introduction To Electronics

  • Applications Of Electronics
  • Electronics Components Explanation


Project Work

  • Interfacing Motors Through Sensors Via Arduino
  • Proper Calibration For Efficient Line Following