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What is SEO? How Search Engine Works?

    SEO Overview
    What is SEO Copywriting


Tactics & Methods

    SEO techniques
    White Hat SEO
    Black Hat or Spamdexing


Web Site Domain

    Who would be your target audience?
    What will make your business idea unique
    What you intend to sell to them.


File Naming Style, File Name Example

    URL Sub-Directory Name
    Optimized Keywords


Directive Elements

    Keyword Frequency, Keyword Weight
Keyword Proximity, Keyword Prominence
    Best Places to Put Keywords


Optimized Metatags

    What Do the Metatags Look Like?
    Meta Description Tag Tips
    Meta Keywords Tag Tips, Robots Meta Tag


Title Optimization

    Optimized Anchor
    Content is the King
    Verifying Web Site


Hiring an Expert

   Link Building
    Mobile SEO Techniques
    Misc Techniques

Facebook Reviews

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