Neural Networks Projects 2014-2015 Chennai


Neural networks facilitate the real-time parallel processing of massive data sets. Optical neural networks 2014 2015 IEEE projects offer low-volume 3D connectivity together with large bandwidth and minimal heat production in contrast to electronic implementation. Here, we present a conceptual design for in-fiber optical neural networks.

Neurons and synapses are realized as individual silica cores in a multi-core fiber. Optical signals are transferred transversely between cores by means of optical coupling. Pump-driven amplification in erbium-doped 2014 2015 IEEE neural project centers in Chennai cores mimics synaptic interactions. We simulated three-layered feed-forward neural networks and explored their capabilities.

Simulations suggest that networks can differentiate between given inputs depending on specific configurations of amplification; this implies classification and learning capabilities.

Finally, we tested experimentally our basic neuronal elements using fibers, couplers, and amplifiers and demonstrated that this configuration implements a neuron-like function.


SNOProjects List
1Resort Management System
2Consumer Complaint Management System
3Secure File Monitoring or Intrusion Detection System
4Student intimation system
5E Blogs (Electronic Blogs)
6Fertilizer Management System
7Fertilizer Management System
8EB Billing management system
9Transportation management system
10Book Management System
11Cab service management system
12Online Job Portal
13Library management system
14Online Banking
15ATM Database System
16Pharmacy Management System
17Advance Library management system
18Hotel Order Management System
19Resume Builder Software
20Passport Management System
21Blood bank management system
22Passport Application Management System (PAMS)
23Online Employee Leave Management System
24Corporate Hospital Heath Card
25Patients Health Care System