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Welcome to Real Time Project Center in Chennai, your trusted destination for 2019-2020 .NET projects. We are a leading center for innovation and technology, providing students and professionals with an opportunity to explore and excel in the dynamic world of .NET project development.

The years 2019-2020 marked a pivotal period in the evolution of .NET technology. With the rapid advancements in software development, .NET projects became instrumental in delivering cutting-edge solutions across various industries. Real Time Project Center recognizes the historical relevance of this era and offers a curated collection of .NET projects aligned with the standards and trends of that time.

Our extensive portfolio of 2019-2020 .NET projects covers a wide range of domains, including web applications, desktop software, and database management. Each project is designed to meet the academic and practical requirements of students and professionals alike. We believe in the importance of hands-on experience, and our projects provide participants with an opportunity to work on real-world applications.

At Real Time Project Center, we prioritize experiential learning. Our .NET projects offer participants a hands-on experience, allowing them to design, develop, and implement .NET solutions for real-world scenarios. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert guidance to ensure that participants gain a deep understanding of .NET technology and its practical applications.

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SNO Projects List
1 Location Inference for Non-geotagged Tweets in User Timelines
2 Modeling and Predicting Community Structure Changes in Time Evolving Social Networks
3 PrivateGraph: Privacy-Preserving Spectral Analysis of Encrypted Graphs in the Cloud
4 On Spatial-Aware Community Search
5 On Generalizing Collective Spatial Keyword Queries
6 Relationship between Variants of One-Class Nearest Neighbours and Creating their Accurate Ensembles
7 Influence Maximization on Social Graphs: A Survey
8 Mining Summaries for Knowledge Graph Search
9 Supervised Search Result Diversification via Subtopic Attention
10 Approximate Order-Sensitive k-NN Queries over Correlated High-Dimensional Data
11 Online Product Quantization
12 Uncertain Graph Scarification
13 A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Social Recommendation
14 Finding Optimal Skyline Product Combinations under Price Promotion
15 Adaptive Cost-Sensitive Online Classification
16 Efficient Mining of Frequent Patterns on Uncertain Graphs
17 NAIS: Neural Attentive Item Similarity Model for Recommendation
18 Similarity Measures for SQL Query Clustering


SNO Projects List
1 Reward or Penalty: Aligning Incentives of Stakeholders in Crowdsourcing
2 COAST: A Cooperative Storage Framework for Mobile Transparent Computing Using Device-to-Device Data Sharing
3 Achieving Load Balance for Parallel Data Access on Distributed File Systems
4 Profit-Driven Dynamic Cloud Pricing for Multiserver Systems Considering User Perceived Value
5 Transparency service model for data security in cloud computing
6 Energy Theft Detection in Multi-Tenant Data Centres with Digital Protective Relay Deployment
7 Security and QoS guarantee-based resource allocation within a cloud computing environment
8 Prediction Based Mobile Data Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing


SNO Projects List
1 SecSDN-Cloud: Defeating Vulnerable Attacks Through Secure Software-Defined Networks
2 Network-based detection of mobile malware exhibiting obfuscated or silent network behaviour
3 Improving Privacy and Security in Decentralizing Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption in Cloud Computing
4 Secure and Efficient Product Information Retrieval in Cloud Computing
5 Transparency service model for data security in cloud computing
6 Secured outsourcing towards a cloud computing environment based on DNA cryptography
7 Secure and Efficient Privacy-Preserving Ciphertext Retrieval in Connected Vehicular Cloud Computing
8 Data security in cloud computing using AES under HEROKU cloud


SNO Projects List
1 Privacy-Preserving Search over Encrypted Personal Health Record In Multi-Source Cloud
2 Decentralized attribute-based encryption and data sharing scheme in cloud storage
3 Privacy-preserving and Dynamic Multi-attribute Conjunctive Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
4 An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Scheme in Cloud Computing
5 Privacy Preservation for Outsourced Medical Data With Flexible Access Control
6 File-centric Multi-Key Aggregate Keyword Searchable Encryption for Industrial Internet of Things
7 Cloud-Based Approximate Constrained Shortest Distance Queries Over Encrypted Graphs With Privacy Protection
8 Secure and Efficient Attribute-Based Access Control for Multi authority Cloud Storage
9 Searchable Encryption over Feature-Rich Data
10 Enabling Efficient User Revocation in Identity-based Cloud Storage Auditing for Shared Big Data
11 Towards Shared Ownership in the Cloud
12 A New Lightweight Symmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme for String Identification