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Top 2018 IEEE Embedded Projects ECE, mini IEEE Embedded Based Projects for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) B.Tech and M.Tech students. CITL offers wide range of ECE Embedded projects best for final year ECE students looking for magnificent embedded project at cheap cost. We have delivered sucessfull embedded projects to our B.Tech and M.Tech students approved with IEEE projects standards. Our programs are specially designed by ECE experties for best results of Embedded projects for ECE final year students.
Real time offers Embedded Robotics Projects for final year ECE students, IOT Projects for final year ECE students, Embedded Raspberry PI Projects for final year B.Tech and M.Tech students, IEEE Embedded Automotive Projects for engineering students, Biomedical Mini Embedded Projects for final year students, IEEE Biometric Projects for final year ECE students, Embedded Security based Projects for final year students, 2018 2019 IEEE Embedded based GSM/GPS/GPRS mini Projects for final year students, Wireless (Bluetooth / Zigbee) IEEE Projects for final year students, IEEE CAN / FLEXRAY Embedded ECE Projects. Our every project differ from other Embedded Projects ECE and try to solve real life modern day problems. Every ECE Embedded project is designed to make clear understanding of the concept and execute that embedded engineering concept to make a better world.

IEEE Embedded Project Domain List 2018-2019

SNO Projects List ABSTRACT
1 Design of household control system based on ZigBee, GSM and TCP/IP protocol
2 Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID Card and ZigBee Authorization
3 A novel supervisory control for residential building protection system
4 Implementation of a Wireless ECG Acquisition SoC for IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) Applications
5 Real Time Monitoring and Control System for Green House Based on 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network
7 DTMF Based Automation System with Reduction of Noise Using Goertzel DFT Estimation
8 Implementation of 802.15.4 for designing of home automation and power monitoring system
9 Level-Converting Retention Flip-Flop for Reducing Standby Power in ZigBee SoCs
10 System Architectures, Protocols and Algorithms for A periodic Wireless Control Systems
11 Probability-Based Location Aware Design and On-Demand Robotic Intrusion Detection System
12 Wireless Sensing and Vibration Control With Increased Redundancy and Robustness Design
13 Embedded system for home automation using SMS
14 Micro base station aided vehicular ad hoc networking
15 Reliable Wireless Sensor System for Monitoring Mechanical Wear-Out of Parts
16 A Novel and Lightweight System to Secure Wireless Medical Sensor Networks
17 Real-time monitoring and intelligent control for greenhouses based on wireless sensor network
18 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module

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