NS2 IEEE Projects 2014-2015 in Chennai


SNOProjects List
1A Leader Based Intrusion Detection System for Preventing Intruder in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
2A QoS-Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Networks
3AASR Authenticated Anonymous Secure Routing for MANETs in Adversarial Environments
4An Energy-Balanced Routing Method Based on Forward-Aware Factor for Wireless Sensor Networks
5Hop-by-Hop Message Authentication and Source Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks
7Neighbor Table Based Shortcut Tree Routing in ZigBee Wireless Networks
8Reduced Overhead Distributed Consensus-Based Estimation Algorithm
9Risk Aware Intrusion Detection and Response Mechanism for MANET
10Secure and efficient data transmission for cluster-based wireless sensor networks
11Trust-Distrust Protocol for the Secure Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks
12Adaptive Network Defense Management for Countering Smart Attack and Selective Capture in Wireless Sensor Networks
13Cost-Aware SEcure Routing (CASER) Protocol Design for Wireless Sensor Networks
14Geographic Routing in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Among Obstacles
15MR-Chord Improved Chord Lookup Performance in Structured Mobile P2P Networks
16Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for Relay Node Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks
17Maximizing Network Topology Lifetime Using Mobile Node Rotation
18Collision Tolerant and Collision Free Packet Scheduling for Underwater Acoustic Localization