NS2 IEEE Projects 2017-2018 in Chennai


SNOProjects List
1A Delay-Aware Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
2Dynamic Clustering Based Congestion Minimization Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks
3Enhanced Power Saving Mechanism for Large-Scale 802.11ah Wireless Sensor Networks
4Implementation of pairing based web tracking analysis in an effective authentication technique using prime pair algorithm
5K Nearest Neighbor Search for Location-Dependent Sensor Data in MANETs
7An Adaptive Call Admission Control With Bandwidth Reservation for Downlink LTE Networks
8Analysis of Latency and MAC-layer Performance for Class A LoRaWAN
9Improved EAACK Develop Secure Intrusion Detection System for MANETs Using Hybrid Cryptography
10Optimizing DF Cognitive Radio Networks with Full-Duplex-Enabled Energy Access Points
11Analyzing Of Packet Sniffer And Sniffer Technique Using Rsa Algorithm In Network Security
12Preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service Flooding Attacks with Dynamic Path Identifiers
13Top-k Query Processing and Malicious Node Identification Based on Node Grouping in MANETs