NS2 IEEE Projects 2018-2019 in Chennai


Welcome to Real Time Project Center in Chennai, your trusted partner in the world of technology and innovation. We take pride in offering a diverse array of 2018-2019 NS2 projects, aimed at helping students and professionals explore the vast potential of NS2 technology.

NS2, or Network Simulator 2, is a renowned open-source network simulation tool that empowers researchers and developers to explore networking concepts and solutions. At Real Time Project Center, we harness the full power of NS2 to craft projects that are both academically enriching and practically relevant, ensuring that participants gain valuable insights into networking technology.

Our extensive collection of 2018-2019 NS2 projects encompasses a wide range of networking domains, including wireless networks, ad-hoc networks, sensor networks, and more. Each project adheres to industry standards and is meticulously guided by experts with years of experience in network simulation. Whether you are a student fulfilling academic requirements or a professional looking to advance your networking skills, our projects cater to diverse needs.

At Real Time Project Center, we believe in learning by doing. Our NS2 projects offer participants a hands-on learning experience, allowing them to simulate and analyze real-world network scenarios. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert guidance to ensure participants grasp the nuances of NS2 technology and its practical applications.

Our team of experienced instructors and mentors are dedicated to your success. When you choose our 2018-2019 NS2 projects, you gain access to expert guidance and support throughout your project journey. Whether you need assistance with project selection, implementation, or troubleshooting, our experts are here to assist you at every step.

Join us at Real Time Project Center in Chennai and embark on a transformative journey toward networking excellence. Our 2018-2019 NS2 projects open doors to exciting possibilities in the world of networking technology. Explore our project offerings, enroll today, and take the first step toward a successful career in NS2-based project development. Discover the potential with us now!


SNO Projects List
1 Dynamic Connectivity Establishment and Cooperative Scheduling for QoS-Aware Wireless Body Area Networks
2 On Modeling Shortest Path Length Distribution in Scale-Free Network Topologies
3 Real-Time Intersection-based Segment Aware Routing Algorithm for Urban Vehicular Networks
4 Traffic-Aware Efficient Mapping of Wireless Body Area Networks to Health Cloud Service Providers in Critical Emergency Situations
5 A Realistic Distributed Conditional Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
6 Dense-Device-Enabled Cooperative Networks for Efficient and Secure Transmission
7 MobiT Distributed and Congestion Resilient Trajectory Based Routing for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks
8 An Efficient Message-Authentication Scheme Based on Edge Computing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
9 CISRP connectivity-aware intersection-based shortest path routing protocol for VANETs in urban environments
10 Discovery of Critical Nodes in Road Networks Through Mining From Vehicle Trajectories
11 Energy Efficiency and Delay in 5G Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications System Architectures
12 k Nearest Neighbor Search for Location Dependent Sensor Data in MANETs
13 Node-Based Distributed Channel Access With Enhanced Delay Characteristics
14 LBP: Robust Rate Adaptation Algorithm for SVC Video Streaming
15 Heavy-Traffic Analysis of QoE Optimality for On-Demand Video Streams Over Fading Channels